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Matthes 6:7-9
The Lord’s Prayer - “Name”

 The Lord’s Prayer - “Name”

Matthew 6:7-9  

The Lord’s Prayer is not merely the pattern prayer, it is the way Christians must pray…

The Lord’s Prayer is the quintessence of prayer.”      Dietrich Bonhoeffer  

_________   ____________…vs. 9a

Galatians 4:6, Romans 8:15a-16  

_________ ____________…vs. 9b

Matthew 19:26  

____________ be your name…vs. 9c

Matthew 14:30, Romans 14:11b, John 17:25-26a  

o   we do is not profane or take his name in vain.

o   we reverence Him in worship.

o   keep Him Holy in our thoughts.

o   live a life that demonstrates He is our Heavenly Father. _________________________________________________________________ Application:  


Prayer / Goals from today’s sermon: